The Creation

The Creation

The Creator was filled with the power of creation and began. Nothing at the beginning was final. In the Creator’s scheme, things could be changed as they evolved.

The first thing that was created was the Land.
Along with with this came the laws that the govern the Land. Relating to it’s renewal and evolution.

Next came the first creatures to inhabit the Land.
These creatures were called the Nahanarvali. They are all single and unique creatures. They do not breed. Many are immortal. They can be significant or insignificant.

Next came the animals that populate all the places in the Land. These are the closest to being whole in relation to the Land and how it works.

Last of all the living creations were the peoples that were to be stewards of the Land.

Now the Creator set about laying down the laws which govern the living things and how they proceed in the Land.

*It is now important to go back to the creation of the Nahanarvali.
The first of these creatures was alone in the Land. As the first, it was very powerful.
It came to view the Land as beautiful and as it’s own possession. However long that it was alone is a matter of dispute. It may have seemed forever to the creature. Time was a malleable thing in the early days. The introduction of other living creatures into the Land changed all of that. The elation of being the only thing in the Land gave way to bitterness and hate. Bitterness that the Land was no longer solely it’s own. Hate for the creator that had inflicted these others upon it.

The Creator was at the beginning pure creation power. As the Creator created it dispersed this power and became less powerful.

As the Creator became ready to lay down the laws that would guide life and it’s renewal the First creature stepped in and slew the Creator.

While the Creator lay dying, he/she/it dispersed the remaining, unused Creation energy around the Land in the form of raw unformed power.

The Creation Wars.

During the time of the Creation it was a Golden Age. Life was easy and peaceful. Everything was plentiful and wondrous. There was no need for strife. There were new things coming into reality all the time. If a seed was planted, it burst into bloom overnight. The stars sang down upon the land.

After the Slaying.
The pieces of the Creation were scattered all over the Land. Like myriad sparks they fell everywhere out of the Heavens.
Suddenly, nothing was easy anymore. Those who could, struggled for power to make things better for themselves or everyone. Pieces of the Creation were seized by the first ones who could get to them or the most powerful. Those who did acquire these piece were powerful and became more so.

The wars and personal struggles became so pervasive that began to threaten the very existence of the Land. The Land itself began to come apart.

The Devil appeared.
Along with the Devil came a crawling mass of Chaos that threatened the very existence of the Land.

Heroes arose.
Some of those became Gods.

Together, with all the peoples, they saved the Land, defeating Chaos, and putting it back together. This was in ways not planned.
A great deal was made amongst all so that things could go on and would not fall apart again.

That’s enough for now.

The Creation

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