Chapter 1

Ducks (Durulz)
Orlanthi( God of the Wind)
Yelm ( God of the Sun)

Chapter 1
Ganderland was the perfect place for Durulz: it had everything that they needed to enjoy their lives. They had a huge tract of sky to fly in, ponds and rivers in which to swim and fish in and more friends from the corners of bird-kind than they could count. Fields of long and flourishing reeds would grow along stretches of fragrant flowers, tended by the magics and skills of the finest Durulz gardeners their Empire had to offer. The crops grew faster than Durulz could eat them and there was never hunger.

Durulz spent their free time playing games, enjoying aerial sports and inventing new ways of wielding the magics of the Land. They had more time to enjoy themselves than the other races of the Land.

The Gods and Goddesses of Durulz lived amongst them, walking, flying, and swimming with their fellows.

In their beginning, Two Goddesses amongst the Durulz gave birth to 3 eggs apiece. One of these eggs hatched Duru, a small, crafty and curious duckling.

Duru would become friends with Orlanth, the god of the winds. He travelled with Orlanth in epic explorations. When he returned from these, he had changed. He was taller and stronger and wiser. He was great friends with Orlanth and his followers, the Orlanthi barbarians. The ties between these Orlanthi and Durulz grew close and travels between their lands became frequent and a part of life.

The Coming of Yelm
The other Gods began to notice the coming and goings between Ganderland and Orlanth’s dirt. Chief among them was Yelm, the Sun, who was no friend to Orlanth.
The Durulz had flown in Yelm’s golden light many times, nicknaming it ‘the Yolk of the Sky’ but they never dared to get near enough to be noticed by such a huge and powerful God. He ruled the Sky from far above them all.
Once Yelm discovered the Orlanthi’s new friends, he wanted to see them with his own eyes. He wanted to know if he had to worry about his old foe’s allies. Yelm gathered his warriors, picked up his spear and headed to Ganderland to investigate.
Humakt, Orlanth’s warmaster and the wielder of a sword named Death, arrived ahead of Yelm’s legion and brought warning to the Orlanthi and the Ducks. Grandmother Duck was worried and she called for all of her people to help. By the time Yelm’s armies reached Ganderland, all of Durulz stood with their Orlanthi allies in a united front against Yelm’s legions.

Seeing the assembled armies of Durulz and the presence of Orlanth, Yelm tried to intimidate his opponents at first. He poured on his brilliance and bellowed out that Orlanth should leave this place and make room for his arrival in this new place. Orlanth, too proud to stand aside or yield ground, roared back his refusal and waved his spear in the air.

The Durulz were not sure what to do. As Yelm’s legion grew closer, his heat began to singe their feathers and dazzle their eyes. They grew hot and soon sweat was dripping from their feathers and many found it hard to breath.

When the heat became unbearable, Duru stood forth and shouted for Yelm to turn away, that he was not welcome here.

Yelm was not so easily dissuaded. He responded Duru with a triumphant laugh and the order to charge. With that the battle was upon them.

The battle itself was a terrible one, Yelm was an unstoppable force, his sun spear lancing through the Durulz. His legion took no prisoners and both sides knew death many times over.

Nothing was able to stem the destruction caused by Yelm’s forces and soon he set up camp deep within Ganderland.

The Burning of Ganderland
Wherever the battle raged, paradise was turned to ash and desert. Soon, most of Ganderland was turned into a blasted desert of molten glass and burning vegetation.
The retreat was called and the Durulz forces withdrew to the protection of 3 of their , Grandmother Duck, Canarda, and Swimmer in Shadows. Yelm had yet to push into their city but there was no question that he was coming and with him the eradication of Durulz.
The Orlanthi knew that the battle was over. They did what they could to buy the Durulz time to escape. Many Orlanthi willingly threw themselves onto the spears of the Yelmites.
Durulz gathered around Grandmother Duck and retreated out of Ganderland.

Canarda went to face Yelm and slapped him across his face. Lesser indignities had earned his righteous wrath in the past but seeing a mother’s love and sorrow in her face, he allowed her to leave.

Yelm claimed his victory over the smoking desert that had been Ganderland.

Chapter 1

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